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Your #1 Supplier of Business Envelopes & Shipping Mailers

Thermal Mailers: The Prime Cold Chain Solution

thermal mailers

Your business relies on fast, efficient shipments of products that are perishable and must be maintained at a specific, low temperature to prevent spoilage or expiry.

The solution does not (necessarily) rely on cost-prohibitive refrigeration measures, but rather on cost-effective thermal mailers that protect your perishable products against thermal stress and, ideally, against other environmental concerns.

One company that is changing the concept of cold chain logistics is PAC Worldwide, the thermal mailers and thermal box liners from which we feature on our website.

Here’s what you need to know about the company and its products.

About PAC Worldwide

PAC Worldwide, which produces CoolPAC Thermal Mailers, is preeminent in the supply chain industry for delivering shipping and logistical solutions in the form of purpose-driven packaging and shipping supplies.

PAC Worldwide produces a wide range of sustainable mailers, boxes, liners, and even pallet covers that are made from an equally wide range of materials. Many of their products are specifically designed for very unique purposes (such as cold shipping).

The company serves eCommerce, distribution, and courier customers in a broad range of industries with recyclable paper mailers, bubble mailers, thermal packaging, industrial bubble rolls, and much more.

It is also pioneering the way of sustainable shipping with groundbreaking projects such as its padded EcoJacket recyclable mailers that afford the perfect balance at the intersection between protection and recyclability.

The company also better serves its customers via its “Mailer vs. Box Shipping Calculator,” which helps prospective clients figure out how much they can save by shipping with specialized mailers instead of bulky, expensive, space-wasting boxes.

However, and accounting for all of this, among the most specialized and useful of all PAC Worldwide’s products are its CoolPAC Thermal Mailers, which offer exceptional protection and insulation in transit.

What Are CoolPAC Thermal Mailers?

Thermal Mailers

PAC Worldwide’s CoolPAC Thermal Mailers, available here at Mailers Direct, offer best-in-class physical and thermal protection for temperature-sensitive products in a wide range of industries.

Available in multiple sizes, these thermal mailers feature a specialized, reflective film paired with bubble lining that affords excellent thermal insulation and physical protection.

These specially-designed thermal mailers save space and feature a lightweight, thin-wall construction that takes up significantly less space than industrial and logistical coolers and boxes, producing less waste as a result.

These mailers, which do not necessarily need the added protection of a box or cooler, cut logistically inefficiencies since they are smaller and lighter than coolers and boxes. This, in turn, helps diminish shipping costs while simultaneously minimizing your supply chain’s carbon footprint; making these thermal mailers not only cost-saving measures but also a more sustainable, eco-friendly solution.

These thermal mailers also serve as a standalone solution to cold chain shipping (at least in some respects) because they do not require the additional protection of boxes, shipping bags, or coolers.

Perhaps the best aspect of these thermal mailers, however, is the fact that they are made with materials that are FDA-approved for contact, diminishing concerns about health and plastic contamination.

This makes CoolPAC thermal mailers the ideal solution for commercial and industrial organizations with a pronounced need for temperature-controlled shipping containers that are lightweight, practical, protective, and affordable.

CoolPAC mailers are also recyclable, and easy to recycle at that. Local retail stores and recycling centers frequently administer collection bins for HDPE and LDPE mailers; recycling mailers can be as easy as locating one of these centers!

What Are They Used for?

When used with cold gel packs, these insulated mailers can afford unrivaled protection and insulation for goods that require temperature-controlled shipping.

This makes them suitable for shipping a wide range of commercial and pharmaceutical products, including but not limited to biotech products, cosmetics, chocolates, and other perishable foodstuffs, among others.

Of note is the fact that PAC Worldwide conducted several tests including competitor’s thermal mailers, as well as tests against EPS foam (expanded polystyrene, A.K.A. styrofoam) that are commonly used to produce and insulate thermal box liners and coolers.

In each instance, CoolPAC’s thermal mailers either performed in line with or far exceeded the performance of competitors. (In testing, both packages were aided by 2 24-ounce frozen gel packs and maintained in similar conditions.)

Most importantly, CoolPAC mailers performed much more admirably than their EPS foam (styrofoam) competitors. In testing, CoolPAC mailers were able to maintain an internal temperature of less than 30℉ for more than 16 hours at an ambient temperature of 90℉.

By comparison, EPS (styrofoam) competitors were only able to maintain a sub-30℉ for just over 8 hours; less than half as long as CoolPAC thermal mailers.

What Else Does PAC Produce to Support the Cold Chain

CoolPAC thermal mailers are far from the only solution PAC Worldwide has pioneered in order to support the global cold chain.

In addition to their thermal mailers, PAC Worldwide also produces a wide range of other solutions, including but not limited to expandable mailers and cold chain roll stock that is useful for wrapping pallets, lining boxes, and wrapping large perishable packages and items.

They also produce thermal pallet covers that are perfect for covering packages and pallets that are larger or irregular in size.

In addition to these, they also produce insulated box liners that we sell here at Mailers Direct. If you need a cold chain solution but CoolPAC thermal mailers are just too small, consider box liners to keep your packages temperature controlled in transit.

Thermal Mailers

Questions? Contact Us!

High-quality thermal shipping envelopes, insulated bubble mailers, and other practical alternatives are within reach. We carry some of the industry’s best on our website and would be happy to help you.

If you have any questions about CoolPAC thermal mailers or box liners, please feel free to contact us at 800-561-1370 or at We will offer you insight and provide you with feedback to help you reach the proper cold chain solution.

Otherwise, create an account with us today to start saving on the best thermal shipping solutions in the industry. We carry the best shipping and packaging materials at excellent prices!

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