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Your #1 Supplier of Business Envelopes & Shipping Mailers

About Our Different Classes of Expansion Envelopes

Expansion Envelopes

“Envelope” - it’s a term you probably take for granted if you don’t work in postage or logistics. But there is much more to the world of paper, packaging, and postal logistics than the Standard #10 plain white paper “envelope” that commands that title.

So much more, in fact. For instance, take expansion envelopes, an entire class of envelopes that make mailing larger, bulkier paper portfolios so much more practical.

Forget the tri-fold method. The next time you need to mail a large stack of papers, opt for one of these. Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Expansion Envelopes?

Fortunately, this isn’t rocket science. Expansion envelopes are exactly what they sound like. They are typically either paper, composite synthetic, or poly envelopes that contain gussets (usually folds along the sides) that allow them to expand when filled to capacity.

They’re like standard manila envelopes, except they can hold larger documents and files because they can expand - hence the name.

What Are Expansion Envelopes Used for?

Expansion envelopes can be used for anything that regular standard and manila envelopes can be used for, but they have a larger capacity.

For instance, if you want to mail a sensitive document or a series of sensitive documents that you don’t want to fold, an expansion envelope is a superior option to a Standard #10 envelope. Many expansion envelopes are padded as well.

Because they can hold a larger capacity and don’t require standard-sized documents to be folded, expansion envelopes can also be used to mail portfolios, larger legal agreements, bound files, catalogs, notebooks, magazines and books, and other similar collections of documents.

Though they are designed for mailing paper goods, expansion envelopes can also be used for mailing small consumer and office goods, especially those that are lightweight but not fragile.

Expansion Paper Envelopes

Just like you can get standard business envelopes, you can also purchase expansion paper envelopes.

Here at Mailers Direct, we sell them in both white and brown Kraft paper, which is strong and durable (for paper). We also carry them in a number of sizes. Since Kraft paper has a low manufacturing cost, these are among the most economical options when it comes to mailing a package or portfolio using an expansion paper envelope.

We also offer Top Choices and First Class Border expansion envelopes (along with poly expansion envelopes, in addition to paper options).

Tyvek Envelopes

expansion envelopes

On top of paper expansion envelopes, we also sell Tyvek envelopes, which offer numerous advantages over traditional paper mailers.

Tyvek, produced by DuPont Chemical Company, is a remarkable alternative to paper that consists of flash spun HPDE fibers but feels more like a sheet of paper than plastic.

HDPE is the material that is used to make milk jugs and other plastic consumer goods, often used in food packaging because the raw, virgin material is food safe and can be easily and affordably recycled.

These traits, and others, make Tyvek an excellent material for producing mailers.

In addition to being affordable, Tyvek is lightweight and extremely strong - much stronger than paper, at least. It is tear-resistant and puncture-resistant, meaning it resists handling and shipping very well - but it can easily be cut to shape with scissors or shears.

Tyvek material is also water-repellent and, unlike paper, neither absorbs water nor breaks down in its presence. Despite this, Tyvek remains breathable and allows water vapor to pass through.

It also offers a very high degree of resistance to microbial penetrability, making it difficult for bacteria, mold, and other microbes to permeate the surface. Tyvek also naturally resists the absorption of hazardous materials like lead, fiberglass, and asbestos.

On top of these beneficial attributes, Tyvek is easy to print on and readily accepts many types of ink. It can also be recycled which reduces its global impact on the plastic crisis.

Herculink, Fibercraft, and Poly Envelopes

In addition to paper and Tyvek expansion envelopes, we also sell Herculink, Fibercraft, and poly envelopes in a wide range of sizes.

Herculink expansion envelopes, like Tyvek, are durable, tear, and water resistant. They feature a paper outer layer underlaid by an integral weave pattern and a water-resistant layer that makes them more durable than traditional paper envelopes.

We also sell Fibercraft envelopes, which are more durable than standard paper and are made with a fiber scrim that resists both tearing and moisture. They’re also more environmentally friendly than virgin paper, as they make use of both recycled and post-consumer materials.

Finally, we sell polyethylene, or poly expansion envelopes, including padded bubble poly mailers that are more suitable for mailing fragile goods and sensitive documents. Poly, like some of the other composites mentioned, is water resistant and fairly durable. It is also affordable and recyclable.

expansion paper envelopes

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If you need expansion paper envelopes or poly mailers to mail large portfolios, binders, notebooks, or packets, we have what you need, and we offer great prices, easy order functionality, order tracking, and even a loyalty rewards program.

If you have any questions about our products or just how to set up an account, please feel free to call or text us at 800-561-1370.

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