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Your #1 Supplier of Business Envelopes & Shipping Mailers
Your #1 Supplier of Business Envelopes & Shipping Mailers

What Type of Mailer Do I Need?

  MailersThere are many different types of mailers on the market, almost what ever you need to ship there is a mailer or envelope that will fit your need. Poly, Kraft, Recycled, Glamour, Bubble lined just to name a few. Mailers are a cost effective method to ship products. Using a mailer vs a box has significant advantages, the cost of freight to ship boxes to your facility, box set up, packaging tape, some type of void fill, all add to the cost and time and not to mention the added space flattened boxes take up. So what are the different types of mailers? Take a look below to help you decide on what type of mailer works best for your needs. Maybe your sending papers, books, documents or other flat items that don't need padding and an envelope is a better choice? Regular paper, Herculink, Tyvek or Fibercraft envelopes may be perfect for the job. See our complete Envelope Guide for all the posible choices.

Padded Mailer

Padded Mailers have a Kraft paper exterior and are padded with shredded paper mix to cushion products. These mailers are bulkier and heavier than a bubble mailer but can be recycled with other paper products. Many come with a self-adhesive strip others have a flap that can be taped or glued shut.

Kraft Bubble Mailer

Kraft Bubble Mailers have a gold/brown or white Kraft paper exterior and a bubble lined interior usually 3/16 thick. They are light weight and most come with a self-adhesive strip . These are great items that need cushioning and minimal protection from the outside elements. There are different thicknesses of paper available ranging from 50lb to 55lb Kraft paper giving these mailers light and heavy duty variations.  

Poly Bubble Mailer

Made from a polyethylene film with a inner bubble liner these mailers provide protection and cushioning for your products. The outer film is water resistant and many mailers have self adhesive strip and a perforated tear strip for easy opening by your customer. Sizes range from 6 x 9 to 14.5 x 20. These mailers are perfect for items that need some padding and weather protection from the shipping process. Labels, ink, stamps adhere easily, and they are puncture resistant. Film thicknesses range from light or economy 2.0 mil to Heavy Duty 3.5 mil. Great for small hardware items, pre-packaged items, nuts and bolts, toys, electronics, and more

Poly Bubble Expansion Mailer

Poly Expansion Bubble Mailers have all the features of a regular Poly Bubble Mailer with added benefit of a gusseted bottom for more bulky items, these will usually expand 1" to 4" depending on the mailer. These mailers are perfect for those larger items that need protection and cushioning during shipping. Sizes are limited and these mailers are usually come in larger sizes 14.5 x 20.5 to 38 x 30

Metallic Bubble Mailer

When shipping items that need a little pizzazz or glamour these are the mailers you need. The exterior is made from water resistant polypropylene plastic with a metallic coating and they have a bubble lined interior. These mailers will get you noticed.

Poly Mailer

Poly Mailers for a perfect match for clothing, shoes, toys, pre-packaged products, and items that are soft and durable. These mailers provide protection and are a low cost alternative to a box. Available in a huge amount of sizes from 6" x 9" to 30" x 36" and in various thicknesses these mailers are very popular for many shipping needs. They take up little space and are water resistant. We also carry recycled poly mailers that contain up to 50% recycled materials.

Poly Expansion Mailer

Poly Expansion Mailers take care of the needs for larger items like clothing, jackets, shoes, boots, and bulky items that are oddly shaped. These mailers are water resistant and come in 3.0 mil or heavier thicknesses to keep product safe and secure.

Glamour Bubble Mailer

These mailers usually made of polypropylene plastic offer great protection and bursting strength and have a inner bubble liner, they are water resistant while being extra flashy and are very noticeable. Six sizes and 7 colors add up to a lot of possibilities.

Thermal or Reflective Bubble Mailer

Insulated Bubble Mailers are the answer for items that need thermal protection. Combined with a cool pack or on it its own they provide a great way to protect temperature sensitive items during shipment. A outside thermal reflective film and a special inner bubble layer protect products like pharmaceuticals, biotech products, chocolates, cosmetics and more.

Insulated Expandable Mailer

Insulted Expandable Mailers provide a way to ship your most sensitive items using a mailer. These mailers will wrap your product around a 1" to 2" foam barrier, once activated they provide the ultimate cushion and thermal protection of any mailer and best of all they ship and store flat until ready to use.

Paperboard or Rigid Mailer

These rigid paperboard mailers are rugged flat mailers that will keep products straight and flat. Made from .14 to .30 board weight these mailers are perfect for document, photos, cards, and any other thinner items that need to stay flat. They have a self-seal adheasive flap and a easy tear strip. Mailers are available from 6" x 6" to 13" x 18"

Corrugated Mailer

Corrugated mailers offer a perfect choice for items that are heavier and more dense. These sturdy mailers come in a variety of configurations like book folds , literature mailers, mailing tubes, front tab lock mailers. Most of these mailers assemble with no glue, tape or staples and they are a easy way to send products that require maximum protection. They work great with, papers, small items, books, documents, electronics and many more.

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