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Paperboard Mailers: Everything You Need to Know

Paperboard Mailers

When it comes to choosing the right packaging for sending items via mail, paperboard mailers are often the preferred choice for many businesses and individuals. But what advantages do these types of mailers have over poly mailers and other sorts of mailers? In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of paperboard mailers and what often makes them the preferred choice for shipping and mailing items.

Why Paperboard Mailers?

Paperboard mailers are designed to be stronger and more sustainable than other sorts of mailers. They offer superior protection for the items being shipped, as they are durable and unlikely to tear or rip. Paperboard mailers are also very lightweight, making them easier to transport and ship. This means that the cost of shipping is often lower when using paperboard mailers.

These sorts of paper mailers are highly versatile and can be used to ship a wide variety of items, from clothing to electronics. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses that need to ship a variety of items.

Some sorts of paper mailers are also better for the environment. They are 100% recyclable and some of them are compostable, making them a great alternative to poly mailers, which are not biodegradable and can take centuries to decompose (despite the fact that they can be recycled).

Paperboard Mailers

Oftentimes, the paper mailers themselves are made from recycled materials to begin with. This makes paperboard mailers a great choice for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint or who are looking for a more sustainable packaging solution.

Paper mailers are also usually less expensive than other types of packaging. This makes them a cost-effective choice for businesses that need to ship items on a regular basis, which is another big advantage of paper mailers over alternative packaging solutions.

What Can You Use Paperboard Mailers to Ship?

When it comes to the items that can be shipped in paperboard mailers, the possibilities are endless. Paperboard mailers are suitable for shipping a wide variety of items, from books and documents to clothing and electronics. They are also ideal for shipping fragile items, as they provide superior protection for the contents.

Paperboard mailers can be used to ship a variety of items, including books, CDs, DVDs, and other media. Paperboard mailers can even be used to ship small or thin food items, such as candy and snacks.

They’re can also great for shipping delicate items such as jewelry, watches, and collectibles. The thick paperboard material provides extra cushioning and protection to ensure that the item arrives safely. Many paperboard mailers also feature a peel-and-seal closure that is easy to use and provides a secure seal.

Paperboard Mailers

What Qualities Should You Look for in Paperboard Mailers?

The features of quality paperboard mail envelopes also make them an ideal choice for shipping items. Most paperboard mailers are constructed with a double wall design, providing extra protection for the items inside. They can also be lined with a protective coating to ensure that the contents are safe from moisture and other environmental factors. Additionally, paperboard mailers are often equipped with a tear-resistant adhesive closure to ensure that the contents stay securely inside.

Additional features to look for in paper mailers are construction from recycled materials, seal strips or peel and seal closures at the mouth of the envelope, and tamper evident features. A tear strip offers quick and easy opening and sealing. Construction from thick paperboard material is also a bonus, as it makes them more rigid and less likely to fold.

Protecting Parcels When Shipping in Paperboard Mailers

When it comes to ensuring that items shipped in paperboard mailers are protected during transit, there are several steps that can be taken. It is important to ensure that the items are properly packaged and that the mailer is securely sealed. Additionally, it is a good idea to use cushioning materials, such as bubble wrap or foam, to further protect the contents. It is also important to use the correct size of mailer, as an oversized mailer may not provide adequate protection for the items inside.

As you can see, paperboard envelopes offer a number of advantages over many other types of mailers. They are strong and durable, making them ideal for shipping a variety of items. They are also more lightweight and cost-effective, making them a great choice for those looking to reduce their shipping costs. Additionally, they are more sustainable, making them optimal for businesses aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. With all these advantages, it is easy to see why paperboard mailers are the preferred choice for many businesses and individuals.

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